Packaging materials

Lakameda printing house is dedicated to pharmaceutical packaging materials only and is based on the Nordic quality requirements. Adjustable manufacturing processes, based on the concept of print on-demand, allow us to provide customized packages based on real-time or current data from a client. Digital print, no minimum order quantity, standardization and fast production is what makes us different and allows us to offer additional value to your business.

Pharmaceutical boxes

On demand production of digital printed boxes will help you to increase the effectiveness of repackaging and to reduce the storage costs.
  • Library of 100+ standard sizes
  • Short production lead times
  • Standardized cardboard type and size
  • Boxes suitable for in-line printing or serialized
  • Print on demand - no minimum order volume
  • Standardized and easy printfile preparation


If you need patient leaflets in few days and only in volumes that are actually needed right now - our cross-folded patient leaflets is best solution for you.
  • Two-sided digital print on A4 or A3 sheets
  • Standardized paper type and sizes
  • Print on demand - only volumes that you need
  • Most popular cross-folding types:
  • A4 P2 (38,0 x 71,0 mm)
  • A3 P8 (50,0 x 85,0 mm)
  • Cross-folding type speeds-up the repackaging
  • Structured process for printfile preparation
  • Available options for pharma-folding types


Our standard digital printed labels on rolls for product repackaging are cost-effective, less time and labor-intensive and create less waste due to print on demand.
  • Standard opaque paper labels for bottles, boxes and other
  • Flexible PP-film labels for glass ampoules, vials, syringes
  • Library of 100+ standard sizes
  • Standard sizes on stock - no need to pre-order
  • Short production lead times
  • Standardized and tested materials
  • Structured and simple process for printfile preparation
  • No minimum order quantity


In addition to our standard labels, we also offer some advanced labels to meet the very specific needs of parallel traders
  • Braille labels on sheets of paper or transparent film
  • Serialized labels (2D codes) with tamper evident feature for FMD compliance
  • Transparent tamper evident labels for FMD compliance
  • Highly frangible blister labels for full coverage of tablet blisters
  • Tested materials and standardized processes