We have developed standardized high-end pharma business solutions that you can directly benefit from. Our strength is production and supply of on-demand high quality packaging materials and software solutions for parallel trade with full compliance of applied standards and Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD). In the sector of parallel trade with high standards, low to medium volumes, tight timelines, complex FMD compliance and specific requirements for packaging materials, we do our best and long-term partnerships prove that. From mock-up design to shipped order, we serve our clients in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Lithuania.

For pharmaceutical products quality and traceability is of crucial importance. The pipeline of products for parallel importers is complex and probably most complicated challenge in the business is the amount of data that needs to be managed on a daily basis. We also offer a tested and standardized solution that ensures both the quality standards and traceability of pharmaceutical products and at the same time – to streamline your business processes.

Lakameda is modern, open and flexible partner – our highly standardized, innovative and clever solutions, fast on-demand production allow us to serve you with flexibility, low costs and effectiveness

Our mindset is reason why we stand out from others – we solve your needs with our tested knowledge in software and packaging materials. Dedicated to pharma we utilize the already tested solutions for your benefit. 

Lakameda is proud to have implemented an internationally recognized standard – ISO 9001 certification.

Lakameda consistently increases efficiency in processes and provides products and services that meet customer needs and latest regulatory requirements.

Lakameda in press

“The key to our success is modern technology, highly qualified employees and Scandinavian approach to work.”

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