Software for parallel trade

For pharmaceutical products quality and traceability is of crucial importance. The pipeline of products for parallel importers is complex and one of the most complicated challenges in the business is the amount of data that needs to be managed on a daily basis. We offer a tested and standardised solution that ensures both the quality standards and traceability of pharmaceutical products and at the same time – to streamline your business processes.

HALO - supply chain management system

HALO supply chain management system is a convenient database for pharmaceutical products with quality and safety structure. Automatic documents and features reduce manual work, number of mistakes, help to save time and makes collaboration among supply chain partners much easier. In HALO system you can create:

  • product cards and batch overview
  • purchase orders for pharmaceutical products
  • packaging instructions for repackagers
  • production orders for packaging materials
  • quality documents, reports etc.

We can offer our clients a full structure and processes for effective repackaging including handling of packaging materials with integration of HALO and ePES systems, or HALO as a standalone database for pharmaceutical products.