Voluntary registration of test or vaccination for own use-travelling or at home

C19passport system is designed for safe registration of test results related to COVID-19 for the use of the individual. It creates a possibility for the customers to allow authorized institutions to register their results of COVID-19 test, antibody test or vaccination in the future. Registered test or vaccination can be shown or proven online everywhere. Individuals can get updated of any country recommendations that are relevant for them on real time.

Everyone who was tested at an authorized institution for the COVID-19 virus, antibody test, or had a vaccination can request registration into the C19passport system. Authorized institution registers the test results of the client at a secured website and issues the C19safecard containing unique code and safety label. Individuals can check or prove the test results and any recommendations by entering the security codes and the personal ID code at C19 website.

The C19passport broadens the perspective for persons tested and registered since it’s a trustworthy tool to prove the result. Test result may allow free travel, socialize, work and other daily activities. Knowledge about COVID-19 increases every day, therefore the registered test result could be valuable now or in the future.

C19passport system will be launched in July 2020. 

  • Only authorized institutions can register the test or vaccination
  • Only the individual can control when and why to show the data online
  • Only countries can give recommendations on basis of secured test sites and type of test
  • All countries can recognize the system


Every registered test has a value now and in the future
  • Card is just a key with verification features and codes to enter the database
  • Data storage is secured on highest level and will be stored 10 years after issuing
  • C19safecard can only be activated by an authorized institution
  • Data is not accessible for ANYONE - it can only be accessed online by individual or other authorities with cardholder’s permission
  • Test and the result are fixed, but national recommendations are subject for updates and may differ in time


  • Is it vaccination or immunity passport?
  • No, it is just a database where authorized institutions can register results of COVID-19 test or antibody test of individual if he has requested for it. If vaccine will be invented in the future, it might be registered in the platform as well, on request of the individual.
  • How to get a C19passport?
  • Find an authorized institution and request to register your result to C19passport system and buy a C19safecard. You can also buy C19safecard at pharmacy and bring it to authorized institution. For detailed information and terms visit website c19safecard.com
  • Why is it safe?
  • Registration for C19passport is only allowed for authorized institutions. You can rely they hold all permits and follow applicable laws. At registration your personal ID will be securely encrypted. C19safecard with your personal ID is the key to the international database. Data is stored and protected on highest level 10 years after test date.
  • C19passport – what's in it for me?
  • You will be able to easily show or prove your test results online everywhere. You may be also updated on any country recommendations that are relevant for you on real time. Also, if test results are valid you won't need to repeat them again.